IAMDDB – Trophy




IAMDDB has been the most eye catching artist to emerge from the UK this year, defining herself through her self made Urban Jazz sounds. The latest project titled “Hoodrich Vol 3” has forced the scene to take notice of the Manchester native. Watch above as IAMDDB is seen getting comfortable with her ‘KING’ Sleazy F in her brand new video for “Trophy”, the third set of visuals to be released off of the EP “Hoodrich vol 3”. 

Rumours have been circulating due to her success as to wether she is signed to a major label or not. This was cleared up in a recent interview with Radar Radio as she explained “I’m signed. And I’m signed to myself. IAMDDB’s a production company and that’s just it. Every single label, manager and agency has been in contact. I am in collaboration with Sony but I am not signed to them, I kind of put ideas forward and we just all make it fly away”. So it looks like IAMDDB has taken charge of her creativity early on in her career, a smart business move.

You can stream “Trophy” along with the rest of “Hoodrich Vol 3” across all digital platforms now.