B YOUNG – Jumanji Feat. 23 & Chip (Remix)

  • Producer ANITWAVE
  • Director Simon Aukes Stolland

B Young emerged on the scene around a year ago, the upcoming artist hailing from Hackney, East London, first caught our attention when he put his own spin on Santan Dave’s hit song “Wanna Know”. Slowly building his fan base ever since, his last two releases have landed him in a new spotlight with his music gaining traction like he couldn’t ever of imagined.

The rapping combined with his infectious singing that flows through his melodies landed him one of the tracks of 2017 in “Jumanji”, released back in August of last year, it has been a slow burner but nevertheless reached over 6 million views on YouTube. Along with receiving co-signs from Dave, Chip and the legendary hollow-man Giggs.

The song made it to the top 20 in this weeks official singles charts, and now it looks like B Young is pushing it even further with a brand new remix featuring Chip and 23. Look out for more from the East Londoner in 2018,  as this just looks like the beginning of what could be the making of a star.